Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lidl - Vino Nobile Di Motepulciano

This is a review of the Vino Nobile Di Motepulciano I bought in Lidl yesterday, mistakenly thinking it was a cheap wine at €5-29 when in fact it was a moderate €11-99. It had the DOGC seal at the top which in my limited experience means it shouldn't stink. So while I seem to be unable to read a price correctly, I reckoned yesterday that this would be a decent wine, and so it was.

Name: Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano (No Producer name)
Year: 2005
Price: €11-99
Notes: Very nice. Initially it tasted like a decent Chianti, with some strong acidity, some fruity undertones and a surprisingly big, smooth, lingering finish. At €5-29 this would have been a absolute steal, at €11-99 it's still decent value and would be lovely with pizza, pasta etc.
Rating: 7/10.


  1. I bought 3 bottles at Lidl in Cardiff at under £7.00 a bottle.Strange that there is no producer's name.It is excellent value at that price. A typical full-flavoured wine; genuinely good value. TG

  2. Indeed. The only funny thing about my local Lidl is that anytime I go back the wines I want to buy have disappeared , to be replaced by more strange, cheap wines. But you're right, if I see this again I'll get a couple.

  3. Here in Italy it's 3,99 Euros/bottle.

    1. Lidl stock a Montepulciano @€3.99. It's a very different wine to this one. Not a bad every day wine to have with a pizza on a wednesday evening, but not a Vino Nobile de Montepulciano. It has caused confusion. Haven't opened my V.N de Montepulciano yet, looking forward to it tomorrow

  4. Go back to school.

  5. Sampling a bottle (bought for a fiver) and it's growing on the palate after a rather watery and slightly acid start - let it breathe and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the changes if you first tried a sip at the moment of uncorking.

  6. Hi, I bought this wine earlier this week at 7.99 euro (Belgium) and was realy looking forward to it. But I didn't like it at all. It was very sour, in my believe nothing to do with acidity and he was not bright as colour, but very cloudy (turbid?). I gave it another chance and put the wine in a decanter, but it didn't get better, so it went in the sink :-). Maybe I had a bad botteling?