Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Penafiel Ribera del Duero

Two bottles of this delightful Ribera were brought along on Monday night DD for some pre Paddy's day celebrations. We drank one after 2 bottles of the Protocolo below and it held up very well. The Penafiel was dark purple in the glass and was big and oaky with some vanilla coming through and a nice long finish.

Name: Penafiel Ribera Del Duero
Year: ???? ( No year mentioned on bottle)
Price: €10-50 - from Listons on Camden St
Notes: Well worth a look if you are a Ribera fan.
Rating: 7/10.


  1. btw it was €10.50 - only THE best for my hosts :-). DD

  2. It was "a big and oaky what" - methinks you wrote the review while under the influence of the 3 bottles you consumed ;-)