Monday, March 23, 2009

St Joseph - Superquinn French wine sale

This is first review of four bottles of French red purchased as part of the Superquinn French wine sale last Saturday and drunk before my face exploded.

Superquinn says "from the quality conscious Northern Rhone" and "chosen from over 40 proposed wines to win the SQ seal of approval". This is a pure Syrah which in French wines tends to mean wines a lot less jammy and more austere then their new world (Shiraz) counterparts.

Name: SQ St Joseph
Year: 2005
Price: €12 (reduced from €15)
Notes: Disappointing. Very thin and acidic. No great flavour and a lackluster finish. Not worth €12 and certainly not worth €15. Surprisingly lacking in fruit given the grape in question.
Rating: 4/10.


  1. Where was all this valuable insight into the Superquinn wine sale when I actually needed it?? JR

  2. Oops - sorry, was I too late? Drinking another one tonight (Haut lagrange) - will report tomorrow...