Friday, March 27, 2009

Chateau Haut LaGrange - Superquinn French wine sale

This is second review of four bottles of French red purchased as part of the Superquinn French wine sale last Saturday and now being drunk since my face has calmed down. 

Superquinn says "blackcurrant fruit flavours and is the favourite red wine of our Wine Specialist in Superquinn Swords, Joe Rock"

Name: Chateau Haut LaGrange 
Year: 2004
Price: €12 (reduced from €24.99)
Notes: Very nearly a great bargain. This  wine has all the classic Bordeaux flavours but unfortunalely it also has that bitterness often associated with more inexpensive Bordeaux wines. If you are a big fan of this style, akin to a lot of Bordeaux Superieurs, then you won't go too far wrong with this. As before, full price (€24.99) would be way too much to pay for this, but your mileage may vary.
Rating: 5/10.


  1. Agree. Not worth €25 but a very pleasant wine for the €12 sale price.

  2. Also bought the Chateau Pey De Pont at €12, will be drinking in the next couple of days. We'll see if Superquinn have got the inexpensive Bordeaux right this year.

  3. The Chateau Haut LaGrange was excellent and a very good bargain at the price. The Chateau Pey de Pont was very disappointing and poor value.

  4. Just drinking the 2007 Haut LaGrange from Superquinn at 13 euro. Again, well worth it at this price, but 26 euro would have been massively overpriced.

  5. See latest post, I've just come back from there...

  6. Excellent, thanks a lot, in my country, wine stuff it's really cheap that's why I can drink wine as much i want haha