Friday, March 20, 2009

Superquinn French Wine Sale

Gonna go down to Superquinn this weekend and pick up a few of the inexpensive offerings.
All the wines are this year in price bands €8, €12, €16 and €20.
(Click on the picture at left for a more readable version)
I'll blog on each wine as I drink them, hopefully quickly so that I can report on any bargains while there is stock left. A couple of the €8 wines were reviewed positively last weekend in a paper but I can't find the review.

Looking at the picture I reckon I'll buy the Grenache & the St Vincent* from the €8 range and the Haut LaGrange and the Pey Du Port from the €12 pot. I'll have a look at the rest and see if anything catches my eye.

*It's a Cotes Du Rhone, according to the interweb.

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