Saturday, March 21, 2009

Superquinn French Wine Sale - Purchases

Just returned from Superquinn and bought four bottles of red. Couldn't get the Domaine Grés Saint Vincent as it "didn't come in". I bought the other three as mentioned in the previous posts as well as  a Saint Joseph Cotes Du Rhone - see below.

From Left-to-right they are...
1) Domaine Cristia Grenache 2007- €8
Superquinn says "This wine has great plum flavours and has been made consistently since 1942".
I say - Plum flavours - we'll see; consistently since 1942 could be consistently average since 1942 but for €8 its worth a punt and you don't see that many pure Grenache wines aboot.*

2) Chateau Pey De Pont 2006 - €12
Superquinn says "...on the famous right bank, or 'Rive Gauche' of the River Garonne" and "has been selling wines that are reminiscent of blackcurrant ever since"
I say - "reminiscent of blackcurrant", I'd rather smell/taste the fruit than reminisce about it; "right bank, or 'Rive Gauche'" - SQ really need to employ someone who speaks French or proof read their brochure before printing it.

3) SQ Saint Joseph 2005 - €12
Superquinn says "from the quality conscious Northern Rhone" and "chosen from over 40 proposed wines to win the SQ seal of approval"
I say - This is a pure Syrah and I reckon it will deliver, if it doesn't then I cant imagine what the other 40 were like.

4) Chateau Haut Lagrange 2004 - €12
Superquinn says "is the favourite red wine of our Wine Specialist in Superquinn Swords, Joe Rock"
I say - 2004 wasn't a great year in Bordeaux but at €12 (reduced from €25.99 ), its worth a punt, especially if Joe Rock recommends it.**

* There were a few other reds at €8 but none of the other caught my fancy, I tried the la Croisade Reserve Cabernet Syrah in store (€8 reduced from €15.99). According to the brochure it's "more akin to Australian style", I'd agree but that's not an incentive to buy this wine in a French wine sale, if you want that style of wine, go to the horses mouth and buy an Ozzie Cabsav/Shiraz.

** Disclaimer - I don't actually know Joe Rock or his have any experience of his choices, but what the hey...

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