Friday, February 17, 2012

Hiatus - Part Deux

So it's come to this, another hiatus.

Apologies for the lack of posts and tweets of late; the project I am on is coming to fruition and the pace and workload are getting pretty hectic. So I have decided to enter a quiescent state for a couple of months until I'm back home and the dust has settled, metaphorically speaking.

In the interim, I have signed up for the Wine Explores Club from I have noticed that I have become a little insular in my wine choices of late and am hoping this will shake things up a bit. If I feel suitably enthused by any of the mystery wines I may break my self imposed "exile".
Note: They also stock one of my favourite wines the Luc Lapeyre L'Amourier Minervois, of which I gleefully ordered plenty at the office Xmas party in Ely.

Also - kudos to Herself for her Valentines gift of a Vinaire. Tested it last night on a tasty Crossos Priorat 2008 from Dunnes that I had stashed away, and it seemed to work.*

Anyhoo - see you all in the summer, FSM willing.


* I threw out the instructions and spent a fruitless few minutes trying to use it upside down. lol.