Friday, March 27, 2009

Lidl - the return

Went back to Lidl, Grange Road, for the first time since I bought five sample cheap wines, three weeks ago. I was in a hurry but to my surprise I could not see any of the five I bought last time. this kind of invalidates any (positive) Lidl reviews I do as there is no guarantee the wines will be available should any reader feel motivated by my random scriblings, still, this could be of use for readers elswhere in the country/world.

What I did buy was a Vino Nobile di Montepulciano (Sangiovese grape, mostly) 2005 for €5-29** ( not to be confused with a Montepulciano D'Abruzzo(Montepulciano grape)), this looks like the real deal and has the DOCG label, will drink and review shortly. Its also going for £7.99 in norn irelan so its either great value or I got the price wrong **(I soooooo did).

I also bought 6 cans of Grafenwalder Pils (6 for €7, 4.8%) and six bottles of Perlenbacher Pils (6 for €7, 4.9%), I couldn't bear to buy the stubbies (250ml X 24) or the other lager 4.1%. In my experience if you buy cheap no-name beer the stronger stuff is usually better.

BTW - the way things are going Lidl is fast becoming the only place I'll be able to afford to shop so I'd best find wine and beer I like, and quick.

**Update - Crap! - have just checked the Lidl Website and its €11-99, oh well, should be nice at that price.

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