Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lidl Baron del Cega Valdepenas

This is the fifth (of five) reviews of cheap Lidl wine that I bought last week.

Name: Baron del Cega Valdepenas
Year: 2002
Price: €6-49
Notes: Awful, awful, awful. This tasted horribly sharp and burnt. Poured down the sink immediately.
Rating: 2/10

I've been thinking about what a 1/10 score would mean, maybe a wine that actually makes you sick while a 0/10 would kill you.


  1. For me this wine tastes great!
    Don't know, but if you love Greek wine,
    you should not be dissapointed if it is too
    strong for you. Grand Reserva was 24 month in the barrel. This wine is not a bad one, compared to other expensive Grand Reserva.
    As for me I like this wine and it is never 2/10.
    PS: This wine has also won a silver medal in the vinalies internationales 2009 in Paris:

  2. hmmm - The wine that got the silver medal was the Gran Reserva, whereas the wine I reviewed was the Reserva. Going by other Lidl wines there can be a huge difference between the Reserva and the Gran Reserva.
    Either way thanks for the comment.

  3. Hi, I know this wine, strange the same wine is good for wine and very bad for Willie,I know the mystery.
    I buy I buy this wine regularly, and is really good. I usually buy in a store, whose warehouse is never exposed to the sun. I bought the same wine in a store with warehouse exposed to the sun, and the good wine this time tasted horribly. Valledepenas Reserva is a good wine, Gran Reserva is excellent like a 100 pounds wine.

    Another excellent wine is Abadia Retuerta, initially cheap but a gold medal and the large increase in sales led to triple in price.

    I am surprised with the Reserva price, here I buy it at 1.7 euros and Gran Reserva 2.99

    The shops do not understand that the wine is delicate and should never be exposed to sudden temperature changes, warehouses exposed to the sun incredible. And the trucks have to be refrigerated.

  4. I bought the 2002 Gran Reserva (the one with the Silver Medal). I really like it. This is my third bottle and they all tasted very good. But I bought it at a LIDL where the wine was still packed in a catoon box, so no sun exposure.