Monday, March 16, 2009

Protocolo Tinto

I was in O'Briens in the Beacon South quarter in Sandyford on Saturday and I had to make a quick dash in to pick up some red as we were having people in for dinner (Jamie's Meatloaf - v. good) and I saw two wines on Special offer, grabbed two of each and ran out the door.

I thought I was buying an Italian wine and it wasnt til I got home that I discovered this wine was in fact Spanish, 100% Tempranillo. 

I was expecting an oaky Rioja but this was much more modern, think Ribera, lots of fruit up front but not too jammy giving way to some spice and a smooth rounded finish, and all this for €8-99. We guzzled both bottles, I'm going back for more today.

Name: Protocolo  Tinto
Year: 2006
Price: €8-99 ( reduced from €9-99)
Notes: See Above 
Rating: 9/10 - the wine itself is a solid 8/10 but I'm giving it an extra point for the value, this is a €20 value, easy.

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