Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Portugese Wines at Donnybrook Fair

Went to a "do" last night in Donnybrook Fair (the Donnybrook version with the restaurant above it), apart from some very tasty food the two wines supplied were both Portugese and both very nice.

The white was from the Bucelas region of Portugal made from the Arinto grape, a uniquely Portugese grape.

Name: Prova Régia
Year: 2007
Price: €11-99
From: Donnybrook Fair / O'Briens
Notes: Cool, dry and crisp. Described on the menu as the Portugese Muscadet. Either way, great wine at a bargain price.

**Update** - The menu said "The Muscadet of Portugal. Better possibly,  with delightful rich aromas of red apples, rounded and lightly textured with a dry nutty finish"

The red was from the Palmela region of Portugal made from the Casteláo grape.

Name: Pegos Claros
Year: 2002
Price: €12-99
From: Donnybrook Fair / O'Briens
Notes: On the nose I thought this resembled a Bordeaux or even a big expensive Californian Zinfandel. On the palate, however, it was not at all like these. There was cherries, some good fruit and also, fittingly some Port-like flavours, all followed by a long, lingering finish. This wine is an absolute steal at €12-99.
Rating: 8/10.

**Update** - The menu said "Medium to full bodied red with lovely raisined fruits reminiscent of port. It has a lovely balance and a savoury twist on the finish"

Another of the guests drew this pen and ink drawing for Herself on the night and another drawing was auctioned on the night.

Note: Tonight I will be mostly drinking the €8 Grenache from Superquinn, which I only tasted last week - full review tomorrow.

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