Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mary Dowey - 101 wines under €12

At the "do" on Tuesday night, the spot prizes were bottles of wine along with Mary Dowey's book (at left). Mary,  former wine correspondent for the Irish Times and now wine editor with The Gloss, has compiled a list of 101 wines under €12, although I suspect some of them may be slightly more than that now.

This is a great book, if, like me, you are interested in finding good value wine. There is a wealth of info on each wine including food matches, simple tasing notes and where to get each one.

I have come across a good few of these wines over the last few years and all the wines that I have tasted that are in the book are indeed very good value.

It has also suggested a few wines to me that I have seen in shops, which i will now take a punt on given that they have been recommended. BTW I am not saying Mary Dowey is God, but I have found that a wine recommended by a professional critic is rarely less than interesting, even if it may not be to my taste.

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