Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lucien Lardy Fleurie

At the end of another Saturday dinner, we broke this out after a couple of bottles of my current fave Protocolo*. The Protocolo is a big wine and I would not normally attempt to drink a lighter wine after a couple of bottles of heavy wine, but this Fleurie managed this difficult feat of not being overpowered.

Note - I didn't buy this wine, it was brought by one of our guests. I would not normally buy a Fleurie as I have often found them to be too lightbodied for my tastes, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Name: Lucien Lardy
Year: 2007
Price: €18-99 from Spar
Notes: A classic French wine. Yes, it was light but it made up for it with  lovely fruity, floral flavours and some nice depth. This would be a nice change of pace for someone like me who would not normally venture into Beaujolais.
Rating: 6/10.  

*Some people at the table handled their wine better then others, not looking at anyone in particular...

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