Monday, April 27, 2009

Guest Blogger - Finca Valpiedra Reserva 2001

I had a request from my friend June to blog about a wine she sampled in Shanahans over the weekend, so over to you June...

Name: Finca Valpiedra Reserva
Year: 2001
Price: €45 
Notes: Obviously you can't avoid the restaurant mark up but it was lovely, very rich and smooth with spicy backnotes.....Went very nicely with the steak and would definitely order it again.....would buy it if I saw it in a shop (I'd imagine it probably retails at about €20)......
Rating: 7/10

Willie says - I'm a big fan of Shanahans food & wine but not their prices. One of my favourite wines is Lytton Springs from Ridge Vineyards in California. €89 in Shanahans, €60 in Town Bar & Grill, €30 in a shop*. I can do a 100% markup but 200% is taking the piss. 

* I don't think this is still on either wine list anymore...


  1. Thanks for the kind words about the Lytton Springs! And yeah, that's a heck of a mark up! Well, if you're ever in Northern California, you can have a taste on me!


    Christopher Watkins
    Tasting Room Manager/RIDGE Monte Bello

    p.s. used to live in County Clare for quite some time, by the by ...

  2. Thanks Christopher. I have to say that since that time in Shanahans I think I now prefer the Geyserville, and I had a bottle of the 40th anniversary edition recently which I loved, although from reading your recent blog on a vertical tasting of the same it would seem that the 2005 might be a might young to be drinking now...

  3. Wine has never been some of my favorite drinks, but this one has something special that I love to. I really recommend it, specially for its sweet flavor.