Thursday, April 2, 2009

Grenache - Domaine De Cristia - Superquinn French wine sale

This is third review of four bottles of French red purchased as part of the Superquinn French wine sale last Saturday week. 

Superquinn says "This wine has great plum flavours and has been made consistently since 1942"."

Name: Grenache - Domaine De Cristia
Year: 2007
Price: €8 (reduced from €11.25)
Notes: Like the blurb says, this medium bodied wine does have lovely plum flavours and a warm, welcoming finish. A surprisingly easy drinking wine and yet again good value for money.  A perfect party wine, even the wine snobs should be happy.
Rating: 6/10.

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  1. This wine is extremely cool, but its cost is so high. No everybody is able to buy one bottle of it.