Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tesco Wine festival 2009 - Revisited

Had another look around "Tesco Wine festival 2009 " in the Merrion centre today, on the off-chance that I missed something last week and I did manage to find a couple of interesting items.

1) Tesco Argentina Malbec Reserve 2008. (at left)
I saw this in Mary Doweys 101 Great Wines under €12. I've never tried it but as I am a fan of Argntinian Malbecs and this wine was priced at a mere €6-69, I could hardly refuse.

2) Chateau Cazal Viel Saint Chinian Cuvee des Fees 2006 (at right)
Also in Mary Doweys 101 Great Wines under €12. I have been a big fan of this wine since I saw it lauded in the Irish Times (I think) about 5 years ago. We haven't had it for a while but at €10-99 it's great value. It's from the Languedoc and is made from the classic Rhone varieties Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre.

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