Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saturday Night Tasting - Part 2 - The Whiskeys.

I know its a bit OT, along with the beer posts, but when JR was over last night she expressed an interest in trying some whiskey. As well as being the resident wine bore I'm also a budding whiskey bore, having spent the last 5 years or so developing an appreciation and taste for single malt scotches. I know, being Irish I should drink more Irish but to be honest there simply isn't the variety or dare I say the quality here to wean me away from my scotches.

I duly took out 5 whisk(e)ys, which I hoped would give here a sample of styles and flavours.
Note: I deliberately didn't bring out any big peaty Islay malts (e.g. Lagavulin 16 yo) as she professed not to have any interest in that style. 

From left-to-right...
1) Bushmills malt - 16yo
My current favorite Irish tipple, warm and fruity. JR said - smelled like puke.

2) Glenmorangie 10yo
The basic expression and a good solid example of a Highland malt. JR said - meh.

3) Macallan Elegancia 12yo
An unusual (duty free only I suspect) Macallan , matured in Fino and Oloroso sherry casks. JR said - Yum.

4) Talisker 10yo
My latest acquisition,  fairly peaty (for a non-Islay) and some lovely spiciness. JR said - meh.

5) Highland Park 12yo
Possibly the nicest all rounder I have tasted and a good starter for a newbie. JR said - OK.

So there you have it, not a disaster as she clearly likes sweeter, sherried whiskeys, of which there are many and over time I'm sure her tastes will expand to include some other styles.
Herself, on the other hand has developed quite a taste for almost all the scotches (she also isn't big on the peaty Islay monsters), I'm going to have to start locking the Whiskey cupboard.

On a related note , about tastes changing, the first time DD and myself tried 10yo Laphroaig, about 5 years ago, all we could compare it to was medicine or TCP, I now love it, DD alas still hates it but really loves my Highland Park.


  1. I'm sure I had a more eleqoent comment than "smelled like puke" JR