Monday, April 20, 2009

Rizzardi Munus Badolino II - Revenge of the Sausage

On the QT , I bought another bottle of this, on Saturday in O'Briens, again for €12-99, reduced from €19-99, if you read the last post on this wine, we ended up pouring it down the sink as it initially tasted of sausages and we couldn't get past that taste. I couldn't blind taste myself but I poured some for Herself and she didn't complain, she even guessed the country right.

Again there was a strong spiciness to this  light to medium bodied wine but not a huge amount else, I thought.  A pleasant wine, but nothing more, perhaps worth a try at €12-99, if this style is your cup of tea but two strikes and I'm out...

BTW - Had a quick look around "Tesco Wine festival 2009 " in the Merrion centre on Sunday. Not too much for me here. Lots of the regular Tesco wines have been discounted but as I don't care for most of their range (worthy of a long post some day), I wasn't tempted. The only wine I did buy was a Private Gallery - Grenache Syrah from Marrenon in the Cotes du Loberon, reduced to €8-99 from 15-99.

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