Monday, April 13, 2009

Argento malbec

This is the third (of three) reviews of wine I bought in O'Briens on Saturday (on right in the picture).

Year: 2006
Price: €7-50 (reduced from €8-99)
Notes: This is a very pleasant wine, not a fabulous, "oh my god" wine, but a good solid everyday wine. Initially it's spicy in the mouth, giving way to some dark fruits and a slightly alcoholic wash but well balanced nonetheless. At this price it would be harder to find a better everyday wine.
Rating: 7/10.  (extra point for Value)

Next: I'm going to hit Tesco for their "Wine Festival 2009" this weekend and make a few purchases.


  1. Hi Willie,

    just found your blog. I'm Lar and I run/write

    Great to see another Irish wine blog.

    I recommend the Pascual Toso Malbec for around a tenner - Sweeney's in Glasnevin/Phibsborough to it.

    I've started a guest blogger series to give other bloggers an opportunity to get a bit of referral traffic over to their site. If you want to write something, anything at all on your thoughts on wine, where you like to buy it, how you got into it, I'd be delighted to post it up.

    All the best,


  2. Cheers Lar, I've added you to my Blog list. If I can think of a decent topic to write about, I'll drop you a line...


  3. Willie, don't know if you know, but Superquinn have the Argento Malbec on special at the moment, think it's 6.99. I agree, it's a really nice bottle.


  4. Cheers Conor
    Enjoyed your blog and have added it to the blog roll.