Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lidl Redux

I wanted some cheap beer so I headed off to Lidl for some Grafenwalder, at €1-15 a pop for a 500 ml can, it ticks all the boxes; it's cheap, cold and beer flavoured. Not to mention its tastes pretty OK. Anyhoo, while I was there decided to again buy some cheap-ass wine, most of which I had tried before and see how they all taste six months later.

Of the four wines above, the Rioja is the only one I didn't buy in the famous and very early in my blog-life post.

Lidl Montpulciano 2007 - €4-89. At this price I should have bought a dozen, but I only got two and we had one last night. It tasted a little sharp at first, I didn't decant it (long story), but it smoothed out and became rather tasty, just let me repeat FOUR EIGHTY NINE for a decent wine!!

Lidl Batturica Tarragona Reserva 2002 - €6-99. I owe this wine an apology, I said here that this previously tasty wine had become nasty. Now I realise that the 2002 was theGran Reserva and the 2004 was the Reserva, some difference.

Lidl Sangiovese di Roma 2007 - €6-99. I hated this last time, all the booze must have clouded my memory, dang.

Montecielo Rioja Reserva - 2004 - €8-99. They also had the Crianza and the Joven but I figured I'd start at the top. If the Reserva's not nice then there's not much point with the younger and cheaper versions.

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