Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Whiskey Audit

Apologies for another Whiskey post but I figured a blog is a good place to do an inventory, which I intend to do on a sixth monthly basis.

Single Malt Scotches (L-R)

Bruichladdich Moine Mhor (3 different years)
Desc: A strong (50%) dram, sweet and peaty. A special edition which was a gift from Herself. Works well with a drop of water.
Remaining: 0.8 bottles

Lagavulin 16yo
Desc: My favourite Islay. Smooth and smoky and very peaty.
Remaining: 1.4 bottles (thanks MP!)

Highland Park 16yo
Desc: A delicious all rounder from the Orkneys. I regularly press the 12yo on non-whiskey drinkers as a good starting point. Curiously, as much as I love the 12yo and the 18yo the 16yo is a little disappointing, a little light, perhaps my expectations were too high.
Remaining: 0.6 bottles

Glenmorangie Original 10yo
Desc: The Classic from the 16 men of Tain. Recently rediscovered this and fell in love anew. A couple of others in the range I'd like to sample from the recent tasting.
Remaining: 0.1 bottles (dang!)

Talisker 10yo
Desc: Another all rounder, this time from the Isle of Skye. A lightly peated, spicy malt that I also give to guests.
Remaining: 0.5 bottles

Blends & Other bottles (L - R)

Desc: A present from June, an occasional change of pace from the single malts
Remaining: 0.8 bottles

Woodford Reserve
Desc: A present from MP, an impressive bourbon. Light years ahead of Jack Daniels et al. Although not as smooth as a single malt.
Remaining: 0.5 bottles

Lark Distillery SingleMalt.
Desc: A present from JP & MP all the way from Tasmania. A different and slightly less refined malt from our Antipodean cousins, another nice change of pace.
Remaining: 0.5 bottles

Bushmills Malt 16yo
Desc: A nod to my own heritage, a big warm sweet whiskey.
Remaining: 0.4 bottles

Bushmills Malt 12yo
Desc: Haven't opened this yet although I expect good things after the 16yo
Remaining: 1 bottle

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