Monday, August 10, 2009

Post Wedding Blues

Well, it's all over. The troths have been plighted, the consummations have been consummated, the unendurable hangovers have been endured. The wedding wine went down very well, particularly the red, and it also stood up to the the BBQ food the next day too.

BE presented me with the wine at left as a thank you for being best man. Its a 2001 Chateau Lynch Bages, my favorite wine of all time. Over years I've had many vintages, '78, '82, '85, '88 and I have a 2000 in my cellar*, which June gave us , along with 5 other 2000 Bordeaux, as our wedding present. There's 3 left, the Lynch Bages, a Chasse Spleen and a Palmer.

From looking at vintage charts, the 2001 is drinking now so when BE gets back from honeymoon we will crack it open.

* it's a cupboard in the kitchen. Not ideal I know but I don't have a cellar.

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