Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday LiveBlog - Cave de Rasteau Signature Cotes du Rhone

Another Friday, another LiveBlog. This time with the second of two wines bought last week in O'Briens.

9-30pm - Have just arrived back from our local hostelry, where they have just converted their pizza restaurant into a Steak-on-a-stone place. They serve you a barely cooked fillet on a piping hot stone platter and you slice pieces off and cook them yourself. Sounds dubious but with a nice piece of meat this was rather good. Anyhoo - I forgot to decant the wine before leaving the house so I've just done it and had a first taste. Herself is "not overly fussed", I'm undecided as yet. Initially it has the "Cotes Du Rhoney" flavours - let's see how it develops.

10 pm - I like this - it's a little light but pleasant drinking. It appears that this wine is made by the same mob that make the Ortas Rasteau , also from O'Briens, which is very tasty. Herself says its opening up a bit but tastes a bit "new worldy" - hmmmmm. We are now 42 minutes into Nick & Norahs infinite playlist, its not bad for a chick flick. Also speaking of "42", happy birthday to a certain reader of this blog.

10-40 pm - This is developing some depth of flavour and complexity at the end of the bottle. Its not a fabulous wine by any stretch but its decent, well priced and if you are a Cotes du Rhone fan you probably won't do wrong by this.

11 pm - I'm on my last mouthful and the wine has developed some tannins at last, not too much just a little dryness at the finish to complement the fruit, spices etc already present. It has evolved into a properly balanced wine, not one for the neophyte, but anyone with a yen for this style of wine should not be disappointed.

Here endeth the post - 1:19 into Nick and Norah, moderately charming and inoffensive - not unlike the wine.

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