Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lidl Rioja Montecielo Reserva 2004

Well, it was Friday night. We were at home again, due to out un-hectic social life so I decided to crack open one of the four Lidl wines I bought earlier in the week and stick on a DVD (Woody Allen's Bananas - not as funny as I remembered from previously).

Name: Montecielo Reserva
Year: 2004
Price: €8-99
Notes: This started off well, the classic Rioja flavours all present and correct. The finish however was dissapointing, slightly sharp a little unpleasant. Overall, there is much better value to be had if you are looking for wine in Lidl, the Montepulciano for one. The fact that the Reserva wasnt't great also bodes ill for the Crianza and the Joven. Drop me a line if you've tasted either. Disclaimer: I've been drinking a lot of this recently which doesn't help the Montecielo's case.

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  1. I found the opposite in that the wine was very pleasing and in no way dissappointing.
    The wine had full fruity aromas (blackcurrant, red fruits(strawberry?)) and pleasantly soft tannins. It went very well with the steak meal i was serving. Everyone praised the wine choice at the table.
    I liked it so much i returned to the store and bought all the remaining stock for my cellar! :-)
    I didn't find the sharpness in the finish that you speak of..

  2. Hi mark,

    Thanks for the comment. I guess that's the joy of wine - one man's meat is another man's poison. Have you tried any of the other Lidl wines?


  3. Hi Willie, i have to agree with Mark this wine is really pleasant. Can't go wrong for the price.

  4. I've tasted the wine after just opening it and I have to say: I'm pleasantly suprised.
    It's a fullbodied wine without any sharp tannines and it has a beautifully full bodied flavour.
    I got it as a present and I'm very sorry he didn't buy me any more

  5. Seems like I'm in the minority on this wine..
    I probably need to try it again.

    @Bibi - try your local Lidl, the selection of wines tends to be a bit ad-hoc but you might get lucky...


  6. I like my Spanish Rioja's and have been trying them every opportunity that I can.
    I have to say I very surprised by this wine. I really enjoyed it.