Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lidl Baturrica Tarragona 2004

The last time I bought this wine, the 2002 vintage, it had a different label and a very different taste. The writing was on the wall with the different label but in the interest of bloggers integrity or some crap like that I figured I'd try it again and the results of the Lithuanian jury are now in...

Name: Lidl Baturrica Tarragona
Year: 2004
Price: €6-49
Notes: An entirely different wine to the last time, in fact apart from the name on the label, I don't see any connection to the last wine. This tasted cheap, fruity and unpleasant, I tried to drink it but on Sunday nights I like to drink something nice and have some smelly cheese with it and I couldn't face drinking this and this alone.
Rating: 4/10 - if you like this style of wine, like a cheap badly made Aussie Shiraz, this Buds for you.

After we poured this down the sink we cracked open the Lidl Chianti, it was fine; perfectly drinkable but nothing special, not very Chianti like, then again what do you expect for €5-65?


  1. totally agree. It tastes a bit sweet

  2. i just bought that wine and i think im gonna test it now.

  3. there is a "Baturrica Tarragona 2004 Gran Reserva" which looks very similar to the one from 2002. And this one is absolutely nothing to pour down to the sink! ;)

    1. i think the wine is fine for the price,why would pour it down the sink?

  4. to be a wine with only seven years, have a good flavor and the texture, aroma, and concrentation is good enough, recommend it for a good occassion.

  5. After 8.5 years I did not expect too much of this wine. But it tasted surprisingly good with the beef meat-roll that we had for our Pentecost dinner.