Monday, July 6, 2009

Wolf Blass Gold Label Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

June will be disappointed - I was. After my last post I expected this to be a big fruity monster, with a little bit of structure to offset the jamminess. What I got was oak, lots of oak and not much else. I though this might be the replacement for the Presidents selection but when I went to the website, and it appears that the Gold Label is the place where Wolfgang & co experiment. Kudos to them for trying but this one was not to my taste.

Name: Wolf Blass Gold Label Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon
Year: 2006
Price: ???
Notes: As I said above, lots of oak, not much fruit or anything else. This wine is undone by its lack of balance and reminded me of a lot of Chilean Cab Savs, all oaky and tannic. If you know that style and like it you should fill your boots.
Rating: 5/10 - I doubt this was cheap and not my cup of tea at all.

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