Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lidl Vacqueyras

The last time I bought an expensive Lidl wine (that time also by accident) it turned out well, this time I also lucked out. As previously mentioned I have had some lovely Vacqueyras of late, and I wanted to compare this wine with its Tesco equivalent.

Name: Lidl Vacqueyras AOC
Year: 2007
Price: €12-99
Notes: A warm, fruity, well balanced wine with an incredible finish. This was less "Rhone"-ish than the Tesco version, less cherries, more forest fruits (phew! - got that in). It's not cheap at €12-99 (for a Lidl wine), but it is worth it. It confirms a theory of mine that if you buy something expensive in a "cheap" shop, you tend to get quality.

Rating: 7/10 - definitely worth a punt.


  1. Enjoying your wine review. We're French wine lovers, just back from living right next to France and desperate to find reasonable and drinkable French wines!! Any tips on finding Bourgognes? C & D

  2. I bought this wine in Lidl this weekend, and must have had a bad bottle, as it was utterly undrinkeable... harsh, tanines that make the muscles in your mouth strain!

    Tried to see if de-canting made a difference, and it didn't.

    Also tried to see if giving the wine some extra time to react with the air would help (Rhones often do in my experience), and that didn't do anything either.

    Now, the price has come down to 9.99 Euros, so maybe I'll try a second one. I can always use
    it in a Boeuf Bourguignon...


  3. Hi John,
    I suspect it must have been a bad bottle. I am goign to buy more of this myself so I'll post the results when I do...