Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chateau Plaisance and Arthur at the Fair

I was at a Bastille day do in Donnybrook Fair last night, ate some lovely canapes, some delicious cheese and drank a surprisingly good Fleurie along with a crisp Pouilly Fumé as supplied by our hosts.

Just before we* left, much the happier it must be said, we met Arthur who told us about his friend Derek & Kathy who had bought Chateau Plaisance and were attempting to make a go of it in the shark infested waters of tradition in St Emilion. I said I would help publicise Derek and Kathy's efforts in this forum (with my huge readership!!). Arthur had written this piece previously.

Anyhoo, I couldn't resist and bought a bottle of the Pegos Claros for Herself and I to sip when I got home. I would encourage anybody who vists Donnybrook Fair to try this, it's steal at €12-99.

*Mavis, the sailing widow & I

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