Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lidl & The Wine Odyssey

Last night involved sampling the wedding wines for the upcoming nuptials of BE and also a family dinner for my lovely mother-in-laws XXth birthday (Hi G! -Am I still in the will?). The night ended up with pints of Guinness and a battered sausage but that's another story.

Anyhoo - we started off the party (hosted by Herself's sister SB) with the Lidl Grand Cru St Emilion. This was OK, a little unrefined but pleasant enough, although if you are a Bordeaux fiend like me then this will probably not be your bag, but hey, your mileage may vary. It goes for about €9.

We then moved on to the Lidl Montepulciano which I reviewed previously here. Everyone loved it, it was possibly better than before, big and bold and is still only about €6 - go buy some.

A quick spin across town and we were re-tasting the wedding wines, I'm not sure what we would have done if they hadn't been up to par, but luckily they were.

The white - Chapelle d'Alienor 2005 proved to be oaky and unusual, but nice. It'll make a nice change from the usual Sauvignon Blanc.

The red - La Fleur d'Armens - 2006 was very tannic initially, although it had been open (but not decanted) for an hour. The tannins softened after a few minutes and the fruit came through. This should be a good match for the beef. GG drinks a bottle a week and swears by it so...

Next: Bought a Rasteau Cotes Du Rhone Villages on special offer for €7-99 in Dunnes tonight, will drink tomorrow and revert.

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