Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lidl Wines - Again

Back to Lidl on the Grange road tonight, as promised to get some more of their cheap, I thought, wine and I was also out of beer so I thought I'd reacquaint myself with my old friend Grafenwalder.

I bought two new Lidl wines and one I'd had before - the Tarragona (with a new label). The two new wines are a generic Chianti DOCG, could be nice and a Vacqueyras, which I could not see a price for but was worth a punt as I have had some lovely examples of this and lately. This turned out to be a lot more expensive than most Lidl wines but I have made that mistake before and it turned out OK.

The prices were as follows:

Chianti DOCG - €5-65
Tarragona Reserva - €6-49
Vacqueyras AOC - €12-99

We'll probably drink the Vacqueyras over the weekend - review to follow.

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