Sunday, July 12, 2009

2002 Montagne St Emilion - Pierre Chanau

This is a first for me - I'm liveblogging - by which I mean as I write this, on my mother-in-laws laptop, I am drinking the above mentioned wine, while nibbling some leftover Cambozola. Herself's younger sister suggested I write a post on one of the wines that are in storage here at the in-laws, awaiting the return of their rightful owners from parts foreign and far-away.

To that end I had a quick rummage through the shed and pulled out this Montagne St Emilion. From looking at the vintage charts 2002 was only an OK year but this wine is a very pleasant, easy drinking example of the region. The tannins are soft and rounded, there is a little fruit upfront and there is a decent chunk of that lovely Bordeaux minerality. This wine is drinking well now and I'd advise JP, if you're reading this to drink this up asap when you come back.

I'm a big fan of the satellite appelations of St Emilion as there is great value to be had beacuse they are considered to be somewhat inferior to the St Emilion appelation itself. I don't understand this as I have recenty brought back some cracking wines from around St Emilion at bargain prices.

Anyhoo - thanks to JP for supplying the goods for tonight - and now that I know where the goods are located, I can't guarantee they will remain intact 8-)

Note: for the eagle eyed among you, I used our regular digital camera for the first time rather than the my crappy phone camera and I think the difference is clear ( even though I resized and chopped the heck out of the image)


  1. Glad you enjoyed it - will tuck in at Christmas with some good cheese or some non halal meat!

  2. Pierre Chanau does not exist... it's a trading name for french supermarket "Auchan" ("Chanau", "Auchan", see it?).

  3. It is a god wine, but I think what anonymous wrote is true, it is a trading name for a supermarket.