Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ogio and Milano

Just back from Milano (the pizza place not the city), where for the first time ever, I reckon the pizzas weren't great. Herself's was burnt and mine was slightly undercooked. The staff however were as good as ever and we only paid for one pizza. We had a lovely Barbera D'Alba with the pizzas; one thing I always liked about Milano (Pizza Express in the UK) is that you can eat cheaply and well and the wine list although short, is well priced and everything I've had from it has been good. The Montepulciano is a favourite of mine and can be had for €23-95 I think.

Anyway, on the way home from Milano we stopped into Tesco for some essentials and I noticed this wine on special offer - 50% off - €5-99 reduced from €11-99. It's a primitovo from Pugia, the "heel" of Italy. I have had good experiences with Primitivos before. They are not subtle but are typically fruity, spicy in-your-face wines that deliver lots of flavour for a moderate outlay.

I'll update later when we've made a hole in it.
Note: DNA testing has confirmed that genetically Primitivo is identical to Zinfandel.

Both of us liked this - it opened up to be a fruity, slightly new worldy red. It's not as good as something like the Protocolo but at €5-99 you can't go wrong.

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  1. Willie, glad to hear you enjoyed the Ogio wine. Check us out on facebook ( just launched) to lear more! it is now the #3 fastest growing wine brand in the UK!