Sunday, March 28, 2010

Superquinn Spring French Wine Sale

For some reason I hadn't realised this sale had started, until I was down there yesterday looking for fruity pots and "flourcorn". I had just started blogging this time last year for the previous sale and this is what I got then.

The Results of these purchases can be found here, here, here and in facta here. Mixed results I'd say. Historically the cheaper Bordeaux should be avoided, there are big paper savings here but the wines don't seem to hold up at all well.

This year I shall be mostly buying from the bargain end of the range as is my wont. If I can find them I'll get...

SQ Classic Collection Cotes Du Rhone 2007 - €7. John Wilson in the IT rates this highly.

Corbieres Las Fournas - €7. Worth a punt at this price.

Domaine Cristia Grenache €8 - I liked it last year.

Chat-eu-Oeuf Rouge €8 - A "mini Chateauneuf-du-Pape" - we'll see.

Domaine de Brunely Vacqueyras 2005 €12 - Loved this last time out, last September.

SQ Bandol €15 - From the South, Tomas Clancy likes it, apparently.


  1. Hey Willie, did you ditch my comment?

  2. Hi Gabriel,

    your comment never came through (and I do't moderate comments) so it must have been Blogger that didn't process it. Please repost or mail me and I'll put it up.


  3. Try a Sauvignon 98.

    Dr Fearon

  4. What about Château d'Yquem ?
    It's my favourite French wine :)