Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jackpot! (or something...)

Before I relate my keen eyed bargain hunting skills I should report on the various wines from the last couple of posts...

Hopler Gruner Veltliner 2008 (€13-99) - this was OK. I'm not really a white buff but I didn't really see anything special here. Perfectly drinkable but not at this price. For the same money they had a fab New Zealand Sauv Blanc from Wingspan with lots of funky tropical fruits.

Conti Zecca Donna Marzia "Negramaro" 2008? (€11-99) - we drank this with June on Saturday night and it was the star of the night. Earthy, full bodied and delicious. Good value at this price.

Promenade Des Papes Plan de Dieu Cotes Du Rhone Villages 2007 ( €7-99 reduced from €15-99 ) This was a nice wine, pretty standard CDR flavours, maybe a little thin and acidic but fine with it. Definitely worth a try at €7-99, at €15-99, not a chance.

Paradise Hill Minervois 2006 - €9-95. Another "OK" wine. Drinkable but with none of the nice minerally flavours you might hope for - now on special for much cheaper - see below.

Now onto the Jackpot part of the post - I was down in Tesco Dundrum (apologies for another Tesco-centric post but its where I normally shop, and yes I am aware that they are a huge, faceless multinational, wilfully pummelling the farmers of Ireland and elsewhere into the ground, yadd yadda yadda...), but I digest. I felt like a Celtic Ponce de Leon, as I discovered the bargain, bin-end shelf where wine orders come to expire. (The right-hand end of the last free standing shelf at the far end of the shop - you'll know it by the yellow discount pricing labels)

Left to right what I got was...

Santa Christina Toscana 2007 (€5-17!) - This is the base wine from Antorini who run the gamut of Tuscans all the way up to the Tignanello Supertuscan. If memory serves this is a decent Chianti like red (it's not labelled Chianti) which normally goes for around 12 lids.

Tesco Finest Gerard Bertrand Tautavel 2005 (€5-07!)- I loved this last time, when it was €10-79. I have not seen this on the shelves for a while so perhaps it has been languishing somewhere out of the way.

Famiglia Terraccia Chianti Riserva 2006 - (€6-99) - I have seen this in Tesco for €13-99 - so half price here. I likes a good Chianti so here's hoping. Jane McQuitty in The Times said

Like or loathe the behemoth Tesco, it’s been onwards and upwards for their Italian wine range each and every vintage. This chianti stood out from the herd because of its mature, elegant, beefy, truffley fruit, complete with that classic spicy, violetscented, faintly bitter finish that makes chianti so beloved by generations of British drinkers. Bouquets to the Baroncini family who have been growing grapes at their San Gimignano estate in Tuscany since 1489.

Next up - who knows! Let me live a little will ya?

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