Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hola Amigos

Apologies for the lack of posts. I've been way busy at the grindstone this week. Not much to report apart from a few Tesco related things:

They are selling ten 440ml cans of Stella Four (4%), as opposed to the usual "wifebeater" strength of 5.2%, for €7, which is well cheap and the beer isn't bad.

Also on special four 500 ml cans of Zywiec for €6 - one of my favourite beers, although this is one of those beers that is much better out of a bottle.

The Tesco Vacqueyras, which I love is only €8-99 and the Cotes Du Rhone Villages is €7-49 (I got a couple to go with my first co-production of Boeuf Bourguignon). I know it sounds like I'm shilling for Tesco but it does seem to be the best place for inexpensive French and Italian wines. Although it does depend which Tesco you go to. The selection in the Merrion centre is invariably poor whereas in the Dundrum centre (where all of the above examples come from) there is choice aplenty.

Lastly June brought over Tesco Chianti Classico 2005 which we may have tonite with a rib-eye or I may buy a Clos Du Val Zinfandel I've had my eye one for a while (€20 in O'Briens). The Ridge Geyserville would be my preferred route for a steak but at €40 a pop its in "Special Occasion" territory.

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