Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sweet 16

Well it was 16 years ago yesterday, which is when I should have posted, but as I am gainfully and very busily employed at the moment, I missed the proper day, but I intend to make good today. It was March 1st 1994 when YHB, then a callow (and still skinny) youth finally snagged the fiery redhead he had been pursuing. It has been a long haul and we've had a few hurdles thrown in our way (some by me!) but it's been a blast and I'm looking forward to the next sixteen.

Now, down to business. I was in Dunnes in the Beacon doing dome food shopping and I thought I'd pick up a bottle or two while I was there. Alas, I was disappointed. The only wine I really wanted was the Gerard Bertrand Tautavel, which as I discovered here, is now selling at full price for €13-99. I like this wine, but I can't see Dunnes shifting a lot of it at this price, whereas it moved by the case when it was half price. Perhaps some sort of middle ground might be the solution?

Anyhoo, after that disappointment, I wandered across the car park to O'Briens with the express intention of picking up a couple of cheap specials, and that's what I did. The wines are as follows (l-r):

Louis Bernard Chartreuse de Bonpass Cotes Du Rhone Reserve 2006 - €9-95 reduced from €10-95. O'Briens link here. John Wilson in the IT liked it.

Chateau Remaury Minervois 2008 - €9-95 reduced from €12-45. O'Briens link here. Decanter liked it.

Reviews to follow.


  1. Only the next 16!!!!!!!! Fiery Red Head!

  2. Personally can't see how anyone could or would go from buying a bottle at a certain price & then be expected to follow it loyally on up to double that price. Psychologically alone - regardless of qualityof teh wine - it's too much of a leap.

  3. Andrew,
    a couple of days later they came to their senses - http://willieswineblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/someone-up-there-likes-me-smithers.html
    and since then I have only seen it at the lower price. It's definitely worth a punt at any price below a tenner...