Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dunnes and done, and I mean done.

I had occasion to visit Dunnes Beacon today and I picked up what I thought were three bargains. From left to right they are

Artiga Garnacha 2007, I previously tasted this here, and at €6-49 it should be good value. Its 100% Old vine "Garnacha" or Grenache in the common tongue.

Gerard Bertrand Tautavel 2006, I have had this many times and have reviewed it before here. It's normally "half price" at €7-99 and I assumed this was the case on this occasion. However when I returned home and checked the receipt I had been charged €13-99, not sure where the error lies, probably with me.

Los Robles Fairtrade Carmenere 2006 €8-95. Carmenere has become the signature wine of sorts in Chile and it has an unusual history there. Until recently the vines were assumed to be Merlot vines, for some reason, and there was much ado when the truth was discovered. I have never had this wine but it gets decent reviews as a budget wine so we'll see...

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