Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snappy Title Eludes me, Again

We have now had two of three wines I got in Dunnes last week, so:

Gerard Bertrand Tautavel 2006, I only had a glass of this (long story) and I liked it, but as I said before; 8 quid - Yes, 14 quid- No.

Artiga Garnacha 2007
, I half heartedly liked this the last time, but I liked it more this time. It is well balanced, and has a lovely ChateauNeufDuPape'y spiciness, no surprise as Grenache is often the most common grape, and is super value at this price (€6-49).

Lastly - for Valentines Day I opened the second last bottle of my birthday stash a Domaine D'Ardhuy Corton Clos Du Roi Burgundy 2006. The lesson for me is that I don't drink enough good Burgundy, the good stuff that I have had has been fabulous, light years away from thin new World Pinot Noirs. I'll admit, this style of wine is not my usual style, I generally prefer big, in-your-face beefy wines, and this is not that. I'm going to quote a review that I found online rather then fail to do this wine justice, so, what he said...

"A gentle touch of wood spice frames the ripe, serious and brooding earthy and intensely animale dark berry fruit aromas that introduce the rich, powerful and palate drenching flavors that are textured, well-muscled and focused on the explosive finish. This is like a vinous bomb detonating on the palate and it’s hugely long."

I wrote the above earlier before venturing out to order the Porkbelly from The Market in Belarmine, whereupon I saw a very attractive label (now posted at left). It's a Villa Augusta Montepulciano D'Abruzzo, I think I used to have it in Millers Pizza. The label is rather fetching, if you know me and Herself, you'll see why I like it.

Next up - finding a wine to go with Porkbelly II - the Revenge.

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