Monday, February 22, 2010

Porkbelly II - The Fattening

The porkbelly went down well in Saturday night, it a long and involved recipe but it makes for some delicious tender meat from an inexpensive cut. I bought some Ferraton Cotes Du Rhone Samorens 2007 from O'Briens, which at €11-45 is an absolute steal. R0bert Parker gave it 89/100 and it seemed to go down well with m'guests. To start with we had a Rizzardi Pinot Grigio 2008, also from O'Briens. When I say we I mean me and Big Steve, as nobody else seemed to be in a white wine place, us two happily lashed into it.

The aforementioned guests brought along some interesting wines, most of which we managed not to drunkenly quaff on the night. From left to right they are:

Chateau Fontbonne Bordeaux 2006 - BigNose brought two of these and we drank one and it was nice but I don't think I did it justice as it still a little cool when we drank it. I'll treat the next one better.

Chateau De Villeneuve Saumur Champigny 2006 - June got this in Harvey Nics. I have always liked wine from this region so here's hoping..

Masi Campofiorin 2006 - S&V brought this and it is a meaty, tasty wine. It is made, I believe, using the Ripasso method which accounts for its rich flavours.

Lastly I picked up a Pegos Claros Palmela 2004 from Portugal. I loved the 2002, and was hoping for more of the same from the 2004. It was good, and still good value at €12 but it didn't have the depth and complexity of the 2002.

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