Monday, June 8, 2009

Dax - Guest Post by BS

BS here eventually! I was indeed in Dax last week after looking forward to a rare relaxing Friday afternoon lunch. Unlike Willie I am not an expect in wine but since our trip to France I am trying to educate myself further in the hope that I will soon be in a position to have an intellectual conversation on wine. This didn't however stop me chatting to the wonderful waiter in Dax.

The task of choosing the lunch wine was taken up by a colleague, the choices being:-

Red: Gigondas 2006 Domaine de la Bouissiere
This was an intense purple color with a cherry flavour - very pleasant and drinkable for a recently converted red wine drinker.

White: Chablis Vielles Vignes 2005 Domaine Daniel-Etienne Defaix
A good choice for me as I was eating fish and it came recommended with my dish. It was a deep golden color, medium to full-bodied with a taste of citrus.

White wine was the next bottle of choice and the task of choosing that was with me. A Bergerac Sec 2008 Semillon & Savuignon Chateau des Eyssards caught my eye and staying in line with our recent trip a bottle of that was ordered. It was dry and fresh and was as enjoyable as I remembered in the Cave de Monbazillac (6 bottles of Bergerac Sec 2008 were purchased there by me and GS).

I resisted a glass of the Monbazillac with my after lunch cheese - mainly because a glass cost the same price as the bottle Willie bought in Chateau Caillavel!

Au revoir! 

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