Sunday, June 28, 2009

A generous offer backfires, sort of...

Herself and I agreed many years ago on a driving strategy concerning who should drive when attending a family function. It was agreed that the person whose family "do" was being attended should drive as the other person had to put up the "in-laws" and should be allowed have a few jars.

Anyway - my turn to drive today as we were attending a joint birthday party at the family home, and to be fair Herself has driven a lot recently, so I was definitely "due". Imagine my horror on arriving at said family bbq to discover a freshly cracked case of 2000 Chateau Chasse Spleen. An underrated Moulis that I'm a big fan of.

I dutifully had merely a sip and very pleasant it was too. All was not lost however, my eldest brother saved the day by offering us a couple of dozen bottles of Consejo De La Alta Reserva which he no longer has room for, along with a couple of other odd bottles including 2 bottles of the 1997 le Haut Medoc de Giscours which I'm hoping is still drinking.

All told, Karma-wise, I'd say I ended up slightly ahead on the day.

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