Sunday, June 28, 2009

Friday Night, Saturday Morning

Lots of wines to taste at June's on Friday night. I spent most of the evening drinking the above Chianti which June had gotten from Tesco. I'd like to say the wine was fruity and complex but I had been reprimanded by another guest of June's for overusing the word "complex" and phrases such as "dark fruit", so I won't say much except that this was a delicious wine which went very well with our expertly cooked steaks and also with June's magnificent baked American cheesecake.

My reprimander, who shall remain nameless for his own protection, brought the above Sardinian wine. As with the Munus, I tasted an unpleasant meaty, spicy undertone which made me unable to enjoy this wine at all, although this opinion was met with derision and disbelief from the other diners, which either means I'm right and they are all wrong or vice versa, guess which way I'm leaning?

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