Saturday, May 30, 2009

Status Update

Hola, Amigos. I know its been a while since I posted at ya, but I've been up to my neck in it. Not much to report wine-wise. We have been working our way through our recent French purchases, findings below. This is a little off topic as I don't believe any of these wines are available in Ireland but anyway...

Chateau Guillou - Montagne St Emilion - 2005 - Going to have 1st bottle tomorrow with some of the Monbazillac crew* 
Chateau de Clotte - Cotes de Castillon - 2005  - Had 1st bottle after Leinsters magnificent victory last Saturday - was superb, incredible value at what we paid. It will be a struggle to lay some of this down and not drink all of this right now.
Chateau Pion- Bergerac - 2002 - This is OK, fine for everyday drinking.
Chateau Cailleval - Cotes de Bergerac - 2002 - Better than the Pion, more depth and complexity.
Chateau Cailleval - Bergerac Sec - 2007 - Had two bottles of this in the sun last Sunday with the outlaws. Very pleasant, liked by all.

* hopefully BE will bring an '03 Tertre Daugay as promised.

Note - BS was in Dax for lunch yesterday and had a long discussion with the wine guy/girl there about Bergerac wines, so maybe a guest post in the works there.

Interesting comment on a post here.

**Update - BE did bring the 03 Tertre Daugay and it was magnificent.

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