Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Whiskey Galore*

As I mentioned here, I got a couple of bottles of the amber nectar up North in Sainsbury's. From left to right they are...

Sainsbury's Highland Single Malt 12yo - £18-99. I had intended only to get the Dalwhinnie, but I couldn't resist a punt on this. Had a quick sip on Friday night at cards and it was decent if unremarkable, a bit like a simplified Glenmorangie maybe, but good value at this price.

Dalwhinnie 15yo - £23-98 (reduced from £29-98). One of the poker boys, McGuyver, had a bottle of this way back when and I remember liking it and seeing as it was on special I plumped for it. And it was good, very good. Smooth and subtle, delicate and smoky, made in the highest distillery in Scotland, for what it's worth.

One whiskey I was tempted by and may buy next time is a Japanese whiskey. The Japanese are big into their whiskeys and make some very nice malts, I believe, never having had any. They have a Yamazaki 10yo for about £28. If it ever goes on special I'd be tempted.

*Two bottles isn't really a feast but I've been running low...

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