Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pimenta Redux

As a break for ourselves from the relentless onslaught of cheap French wine I got here I decided to pick up something, anything else, just for a change, while I was in Donnybrook Fair. The wine above I had almost a year ago and I really liked it then. This time around I thought it was a little jammy and New-Worldy at first. Later on it developed somewhat, filling in the holes surrounding the blackcurranty fruit with some substance. Plus it was discounted to €9-95 from its usual €11-95, so worth a punt at that price.

The Superquinn New World wine sale starts today but before I comment on it, I wanted to post a link where you could look at what is on sale, unfortunately and stupidly, you cant see what is on sale unless you pretend to sign up for online shopping or are already a customer and even then you have to jump through hoops to find the right page. THIS appears to be the URL but I don't think It'll work unless you have registered fully or partially.

Rant over. The selection isn't great. Mostly stuff I wouldn't touch at full price. Some decent producers but not the wines I'd want, no Yalumba Viognier, no Oyster Bay Pinot Noir, although there is an intriguing Dandelions Shiraz Riesling, which I will have to try, if only to see if that grape mix works. More tomorrow after I do some shopping.


  1. If you knock into SQ, try the Santa Rita Floresta (Cab 85%, Merlot 15%) 2002 - €10 down from €20 or €35 depending on who you believe.

    Big concentrated nose of cassis, tar and chocolate leading to an elegant balance showing secondary flavours, good acidity and a long finish.

  2. I intend popping down tomorrow so I'll see if I can find it then. Thanks for the recommendation. On the sale front it seems to be any three for €20 so it looks like I'll get 1) That funky Dandelions Shiraz Rielsing, 2) That Augustinos Pinot Noir 3) Whichever white looks least cheap and cheerful - maybe the Dandelions Pinot Grigio just for badness...

  3. Bugger! Just posted the same comment on your latest post on SQ - knew I had done it too, just as a I clicked it. The dangers of late night comments - forgive the spam!