Monday, June 14, 2010

It's a kind of seaweed - apparently.

Last week I tried one of Superquinn's own brand range, to whit their 2008 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, which myself and herself both liked a lot and at a tenner it's great value. Given that a) we drink very little white and b) almost no NZ Sauvignon Blanc at all, I decided to pick up the above wine in O'Briens, it's a Durvillea Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2008, €14-99 reduced to €11-99, for comparison purposes.

I liked this a whole lot, Herself claimed to prefer last week's SQ offering but pffft. This was a nicely balanced wine, lots of gooseberry fruit and medium bodied and it went very well with a packet of Chilli flavour coated peanuts* (her accompaniment, not mine). I noticed on the label that this wines is produced by Astrolabe, who also make an Atrolabe Voyage Sauvignon Blanc, which I am always seeing in O'Briens and has been recommended to me many times.

As fate would have it I was at another b'day do on Sunday and the white wine being served was none other than the aforementioned Astrolabe. It may have been the fact that I ruined my palate with chili dip and beer beforehand but I think I preferred the Durvillea, it seemed more rounded and complex in style. What the differentiator between these wines is I couldn't get from the website, btw.

* On a similar theme, do you know what goes really well with a Gin and Tonic? Meanies, that's what.


  1. * for double Gin & Tonic matching points, try Hendrick's Gin with a stick of cucumber in it. Really.

  2. Glad you liked the Durvillea! Just by way of explanation; Durvillea was set up by Simon Waghorn's wife Jane and is run by Jane and their three daughters. Simon oversees the winemaking on the property.

    It is marketed as a more approachable and affordable Sauvignon Blanc but as with anything the Waghorn family are involved with, it's of a very high standard and quality. Although relatively new with us, it is already proving to be a big hit.

    They're also on twitter @durvilleawines

  3. Lar - have tried the Hendrick's (without cucumber). It's delicious but it ain't cheap (approx €40 for a 70cl bottle).

    Grattan - thanks for the info. I'll definitely try it again.