Saturday, June 12, 2010

The boy done good

Its been a little over a week and I've had a chance to sample three of the wines I got here.

I got six of Chateau Cailleval Cotes De Bergerac 2005 and have been told, by the lady of the chateau that this should improve for a number of years. I intend to put a couple in my "cellar" but for now it's drinking well and very tasty. Its reasonably easy drinking, fruity but not overly so. Hopefully it will mature over the next few years.

We had the in-laws over for a very wet Bank Holiday BBQ and I decided we would have some of the three Chateau Tonneret St Emilion 2006, to go with the large hunk of beef generously provided by D&G. This was described to me as "a simple St Emilion, not for keeping" and so it proved, Herself really liked it. Given I have three of the the 2007 to "cellar", we'll probably drink the last one of these now.

The last of the three sampled so far is Chateau La Peyreyre Haut-Medoc 2005. This proved divisive when bought, although it was early morning and one of the tasters was very hung-over so I wasn't sure what to expect. On opening this was a little sharp and unbalanced. Two hours later however and it had all come together nicely and had become probably the best of the three, a big well balanced complex animal. I suspect has the ability to age well but I'm not sure I'll be able to resist drinking it .

Lastly, a few posts back I put up a link to Kevin Ecock's review of all of Superquinn's own brand range. The only new one I've been able to try so far is the New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Kevin said "Just what the punter wants from NZ. €10.00". If you like this style of white then you will love this version. Delicious and great value at a tenner.

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