Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nostalgia - It ain't what it used to be...

A few years back we used to drink a lot of Bestue. It was our Party wine, tasty but easy drinking, perfect when entertaining a large group. It was available from Dunnes at about a tenner a bottle, and although I can't remember exactly what vintages we used to drink, it was pretty consistent.

I happened to be in Dunnes Ballyogan the other day and noticed it on the shelf, given that we are low on everyday drinking wines I grabbed a bottle, a snip at €7-99. I duly opened and decanted it and we tried it after my modestly titled "best spaghetti sauce ever" (with home made garlic bread) and it wasn't good. Perhaps our palates were all garlic'd up but it tasted a bit sharp at the start.

I suggested we give it some time and it came round after a while. It was fruity and medium bodied, inoffensive but not a wine I'd now serve to guests. Perhaps it's our tastes that have changed in the last three or so years since we have had it or perhaps this vintage '07, isn't up to snuff. Either way, not one I can recommend.

Next: I'm off up North to buy booze in Sainsburys, report to follow.

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