Friday, April 9, 2010

Wedding Bells and Funny Smells

I should firstly finish off the last two wines of the five I picked up here in Superquinn,

Domaine Sainte Croix Corbieres Las Fournas 2007- €7 (reduced from €10-99)
The Blurb said "a delightful mix of fruit, herbs and spice at a price that is a joke"
I say - Corked, even though this is a screw top, it definitely wasn't right. Will try and get more today if there is any left.

Domaine de Brunely Vacqueyras 2009 €12 (reduced from €17-99)
The Blurb said "A powerful wine with redcurrent fruit"
I say - very nice but not nearly as dark and complex as the 2005 that I have tried a few times. One to keep a eye on over the next couple of years I fancy.

Next up is the red chosen for Lil Sis's wedding next month. I had a hand in the choosing of this on a hungover Saturday morning and was dearly hoping this was as nice as I remembered. It's an Olivier Ravoire Cotes Du Rhone 2007 - The House red of the Donnybrook Fair restaurant. Myself and Herself both really liked it. It's a good wedding wine, in that it's well balanced, a little bit fruity and not too tannic or wine-snobby. A good wedding wine should appeal to both the casual drinker and the wine bore, IMHO.

**Update** - Just back from Superquinn where I picked another Domaine Sainte Croix Corbieres Las Fournas 2007, a couple of the delicious Chat-En-Oeuf 2007, and a Domaine Cristia Cotes Du Ventoux 2007 (€7 reduced from €14-99). I had thought this was new to me but when I searched this blog I found that I'd had it before here, and I really liked it. So well done me.

Off to get slaughtered and watch the Leinster game...


  1. Hi Willie, saw the Chat en Oeuf in Morrisons in Scotland over the weekend at 4.99 Stg, so the "sale" price (7.99?)is about the right price for this wine. The RRP is obviously another invented price, continuing Superquinn's fine tradition of bogus wine sales!!

  2. Gabriel,

    whatever the discount (or alleged discount) at €7-99 its pretty decent value. Have you tried it yet?


  3. Sorry Willie, got distracted. No, I haven't tried it and I believe you when you say its good, but why won't they just price it at 7.99 and get on with it? Because they like conning people, thats why!