Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birthday etc.

I've just realised I never posted on the occasion of the first birthday of this blog which was on March 7th. It was an "interesting" year professionally for me, at the time of inception finding cheap wine to drink was less an academic aspiration and rather more a necessity. Luckily that all changed soon after and things have been ticking along (touch wood*) since then.

A couple of observations -

1) I drink a lot of wine. I haven't, and don't want to, count the number of bottles I've been a party to over the last year. When you add in pints, tinnies and whiskey, I'm amazed I have any liver left. However, what's bad news for my liver is good news for you. I can't blog about wines I haven't drunk.

2) I've largely enjoyed writing this blog so far. For the most part it has not been a chore and it's also an excuse to drink. As far as creative outlets go, it ain't poetry but it beats tormenting our party guests with my lousy singing (All: woo-hoo!)

3) I don't drink/blog enough white wine. I intend to remedy this over the next few, hopefully sunny months. Suggestions please to the usual address.

Back to business - I picked up the wine at left in Tesco yesterday on a whim, a Costieres de Nimes 2008, it was reduced to €6-99 and it was not really worth that. While it was drinkable it didn't have a lot going for it and it had a slightly harsh tannic undercurrent that was a little off-putting.

We still drank it, but I wouldn't serve it anyone, if that helps to place it in the pantheon of my wine experience. If you are shopping in Tesco there's lots better for just slightly more cash.

* Its very unlucky to be superstitious

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